Information and Credits about AMBULO:

The "AMBULO" Project (acronym of Arabic Manuscripts in the Bologna University Library Online) is promoted by the King Abdulaziz Chair for Islamic Studies – University of Bologna. The project is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Ahmad Addous, and coordinated by Dr. Valentina Sagaria Rossi.
"AMBULO" has actually started in September 2017 and it envisages the revaluation of one of the most important and richest collections of Arabic manuscripts hosted in a public library in Italy: the Oriental Manuscripts Fund of the University Library of Bologna. The project aim is to digitalize and catalogue online all its Arabic manuscripts.
In this respect, the Chair has assigned the manuscripts digitalization to the company MIDA (Bergamo, Italy), the description in Arabic, Italian and English to Dr. Valentina Sagaria Rossi and their on-line implementation in three languages (Arabic, Italian and English) to AlmaDL, the Bologna University Digital Library.
We specially thank the Bologna University Library for letting the Chair reproduce its Collection of Arabic Manuscripts and moving ahead with the Project.

Criteria of description of the manuscripts:

The manuscripts deal with a wide range of themes and are listed according to their item numbers within the Marsili Collection. They are of three different typologies: manuscripts composed of a single work, Multi-volume manuscripts, or Manuscripts composed by many volumes, Multi-text manuscripts, or Miscellaneous manuscripts composed by several works. Each manuscript has been fully reproduced, in all its parts, and the following details are included: the metadata of each manuscript’s image (i.e. cover, spine, the numbering of each verso-recto, etc.).
In the web page of each manuscript are listed and identified the item number within the Manuscripts Collection in the Bologna University Library, the main author’s and any other secondary authors, the title on the manuscript or, if that not present, an elaborated (created) title, or both in case of very dissimilar titles, the date (the deduced dating range as presumed date or the exact date of Hijra/the Christian date is present on the ms.), the language, the subject.
In the section "Bibliographical description of the manuscript" are recorded the consistency, the dimensions and the place of origin of the manuscript; any gaps and news on individual texts are reported in case of acephalous and mutilated manuscripts, along with notes, or stamps of possession and the bibliography of the manuscript. All web pages and information are available online in Arabic, Italian and English.